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Our Colours


So, you want a set of nails to match the outfit … slightly pinky, a bit pastelly, not too shiny, not too bright, not too dull, matte preferably, short, but not too short with a diamante on one nail… Yep we got that! Doobys Nails will have that set for you, we have over 30 shades in store, in both matte and gloss (in all 20 shapes). We also have a range of holographic nails, mirror, leopard print, diamante, ombre it never ends. We will help you to get colourful be it a bright neon yellow to stand out from the crowd or a natural Baby Boomer ombre nail for the big day. We have plenty of colours to suit you and this useful colour guide will help you get that perfect match.

Click any image below to be taken to all the products with that shade or style in our store.

NEW for 2020


Back to Basic…. from Mattes to glitters, blacks to oranges we have over 30 shades in store to suit you. Our plain nails are fantastic to pair with that pattern dress you have been wanting to wear or just to make you feel glam for the week it’s your call. Let’s be honest we all need a set of basic nails in our lives.


So, you fancy a bit of glitter but not actual glitter, how many times have you seen someone with metallic nails on and thought oh wow hello! We sure have, our metallic range now has 6 shades in store in both a matte and a gloss. The gloss is super shiny, and our matte gives a super soft sleek effect.


The Neon range has landed! Yes, we know neon is super-hot for SS19 and we have it here for you in matte and gloss in 3 different shades … that is over 100 sets just to begin with … what about the neon mani? The neon mixes? Our neon nails are here to give you the glow up you didn’t even know you needed. Our latest collection is here for all you colour-loving babes.


We have all been mesmerized by the holographic videos on social media watching the holo sparkle repeatedly (We boomerang ours, so it never ends) We have a huge range and variation of holographics in store. Some of our Holo sets are linear which gives the rainbow effect in a line across the nails and some are spaced holo whereby the glitter particles are finely spaced out to add a delicate range of rainbow sparkle. Either way you will 100% have people checking out your nails when you rock a set of these.


Sorcery, magic? What are these nails all about and how to do they work. Sadly no magic is involved although it is very fascinating to see. Our heat changes nails are heat sensitive and will change from one colour to another when slightly warmer. Once they go back to room temperature they will be back to the original colour ready to go again. So impress your friends or just be mesmerised yourself and choose the best heat change shade for you.


Below we have added our intricate styles in store, click the images for the direct link to these ranges in store.