RF Delightful Stiletto


These cute accent nails will add a little difference to any set of nails. You can wear as a ring finger or both nails on both hands to add an accent into the set. To decide which size measure the widest part of the nails you would like your accent nails on and choose from the drop down

A cute set of 4 ring fingers to bling up any set of nails (as pictured)
Sizes are as follows
Small 6 & 7
Medium 5 & 6
Large 4& 5
(0 = 17mm, 1=16mm, 2=15mm, 3=14mm, 4=13mm, 5=12mm, 6=11mm, 7=10mm, 8=9mm and 9=8mm)


All sets are sent in a beautiful black gift box.

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