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Natural Ombre Stiletto

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Our Ombre range come in 10 nails (Small, Med & Large) or a full set of 20.

Sizes are as follows (measure the widest part of your nails to establish which size you need)

Small 2,5,6,7,9

Medium 1,4,5,6,8

Large 0,3,4,5,7

Width of nail sizes – (0 = 18mm, 1=17mm, 2=15mm, 3=14mm, 4=13mm, 5=12mm, 6=11mm, 7=10mm, 8=9mm and 9=8mm)

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Why Choose Doobys Nails
• Hand Painted – Even more realistic / salon finish look
• Deliver to your door! – We Ship Worldwide.
• Affordable – Several sets of our nails for the price you pay for one visit to a salon.
• Get that Salon Quality, in the comfort & warmth of your home.
• Return Reassurance – If for any reason you are not happy with your nails you can return them to us. In 2019 we had a return rate of 0.1%
• Reusable – Once removed your Doobys Nails are ready to be used again and again. Some of our customers have had their nails over a year.
• No Damage to your actual nails.
• Hand Painted Even more realistic / salon finish look
• Over 100 colors in 22 shapes – we have a set perfect to suit you.

1 review for Natural Ombre Stiletto

  1. Zoe Forther

    So Stunning in real life. Love them

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1. File and clean your nails using an alcohol pad or a light wipe to remove any excess oil on the nails.

2.Select the right size nails for each finger. Our nails vary by 1mm per size so you will find one that will be the perfect fit.

3.Apply glue or gel tab to the nail. Align your first false nail with the cuticle and firmly push your nail down, you will need to hold for around 10 – 15 seconds to ensure the glue has set and the gel tabs have fully adhered to the false nail.

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Worldwide 5 - 12 days

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1. Items must be returned within 45 days from receiving goods.
2.Items must be returned in original packaging and perfect condition. We cannot refund nails that have been used.