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Heat Change Glitter Blush to White Almond

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  • 10 sizes in each set – ideal for larger and smaller hands

The Instagram sensation is here! Ideal to treat yourself or a fantastic gift for a nail fanatic this season.

So how does it work … Our Heat change range will change from the main base colour to a white when in warmer water ie a bath / washing up. Don’t worry the nails will then return to the original colour … So you can watch them change over and over again.

Nails are always the base colour and change to WHITE when warm.

Can be applied at home using our glue or nail tabs (both available on basket page)

  • Set of 20 Gel false nails in 10 sizes. No need to measure they are ideal for larger and smaller hands. Just use the nails that fit you.
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in stock

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STEP 1: Wash hands and dry completely.

STEP 2: Push back cuticles, then select the best fitting nail for each finger and set aside in order.

STEP 3: Apply an even layer of glue to the back of the Static Nail and natural nail. Or apply the gel tab to your nail. TOP TIP! We advise a tab slightly smaller than your actual nail

STEP 4: Place the Nail slightly under your cuticle for a seamless, natural look. Press down firmly for 30+ seconds using your thumb. Ensure the entire nail is covered and receiving pressure.

STEP 5: Press out air pockets (if any) before moving on. If needed, use more glue and pressure to avoid air pockets.

STEP 6: Doobys Nails can be filed from any side, including the cuticle area, if you want to shorten the length of the nails without losing the tip design.

To avoid damage never force or pull off. We highly recommend soaking your nails in warm soapy water for around 10 minutes to soften the adhesive allowing you to safely remove the nails without damage whenever you'd like.

To reapply, simply follow the steps above and done!

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Would you like this set in another shape or colour ? Drop us a whatsapp with your query and a member of the salon will let you know what we can do for you 07949 080 777 We respond Mon - Fri 9am - 8pm

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