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Baby Pink Matte Squaletto

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Why Choose Doobys Nails
• Hand Painted – Even more realistic / salon finish look
• Deliver to your door! – We Ship Worldwide.
• Affordable – Several sets of our nails for the price you pay for one visit to a salon.
• Get that Salon Quality, in the comfort & warmth of your home.
• Return Reassurance – If for any reason you are not happy with your nails you can return them to us. In 2019 we had a return rate of 0.1%
• Reusable – Once removed your Doobys Nails are ready to be used again and again. Some of our customers have had their nails over a year.
• No Damage to your actual nails.
• Hand Painted Even more realistic / salon finish look
• Over 100 colors in 22 shapes – we have a set perfect to suit you.

1 review for Baby Pink Matte Squaletto

  1. Mia stead

    I loved these nails! They managed to stay on all my summer holidays and I have recently just used them for Christmas holidays. Definitely worth it and will also be buying more nails to come and I am looking forward to it ❤️❤️

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