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All our sets are ready made in stock and Shipped TODAY!

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The last few months has been very challenging for the whole world, we as a team have had many ups and downs within the business and personally as we all have. We have sadly received some comments and reviews due to customers misunderstanding our delivery times and not accepting a global pandemic could effect delivery, we also had to ask all customers to contact us via email only.

We as a business became 4 times busier over the last few months and although we furloughed some staff so they could be with family we managed to gain some fantastic new faces to keep up with orders, in fact we kept up and have more stock ready to ship than ever before. Although 99.9% of our customers understand our delivery times, the global pandemic may cause a few delays and when we stated on all our social media platforms to please contact us via email not DM or Facebook email, sadly some customers did not.

Our business and staff have received an awful lot of appalling verbal abuse the last few months due to customers not realizing we have to make the items before we ship, and we would like to ask if you are looking to place an order with us please note items are hand made which is why they look so unique and natural. We have some amazing customers who have our nails on a regular basis, some customers have had our nails over a year, some of our customers have been coming to us over 5 years (which we always love to see those names and send a cheeky free set when we can) we have over 10 – 20 customers tagging us on Instagram on a daily basis with our nails on saying how they have made them feel so much better with the current pandemic, constant comments on our nails and highlights of our customers on Instagram constantly growing by the day, we are so blessed to have such amazing customers. This is what has kept us making nails. But we ask you to please acknowledge we do ask for 5 working days to hand make items before we ship them, if this cannot be respected please do not order as our team do not deserve the verbal abuse and insults some customers have given us the last few months.

We are sorry to post such negative updates but we work so hard as a team and all our products are made to perfection we do not rush anybodies order but as items are hand made they cannot be shipped the same day.

This being said although we are a business and we do love every order we have, we would please ask you to accept we do ask for 5 working days to hand make items… UK delivery will then be 2-3 days after and global will be 4- 9 days after. Thank you for reading and thank you so much to every customer we have ever had who has acknowledged our delivery durations.

Thank you again and lots of love

The Doobys Team