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Why Choose Doobys Nails

Gone are the days of basic press on nails… with tens of thousands of customers worldwide also supplying salons, spa’s and boutiques why switch to press ons ?

Aside speed and a huge choice with UK NEXT DAY DELIVERY why else opt for Doobys Nails …

1. As much as we would love too we don’t all have the time to sit and wait at a busy salon to be serviced, let along be serviced. We now live in a world where people want ‘FAST AND RELIABLE’ (not just our food) this is where we come in. UK Next Day Delivery available on all items & International Shipping.

2. You wont damage your actual nails underneath with strong acrylic and allowing your nails to breathe. We are not saying fully ditch the salon in fact we have many part time salon techs who help us create our sets. But now and then a breather for your nails will help keep them strong.

3. Apply at home! After the last 12 months some of us have been excited and ready to get back out but not all of us which is perfectly understandable. Our nails are delivered to your door and even if you are having a pamper Sunday at home, we know with nails on you just feel 100% better. 

4. Cheaper with time & money. Wont have to visit the salon every few weeks for fill ins or feel the pressure to commit to one colour for a month or 2. Changed your outfit last minute (which we all do without fail) switch your nails to match.

5. Easy to apply and remove. We have videos and tutorials below on how to apply. After a week or 2 we we advise our glue or simply a night out opt for the gel tabs. Both can be removed by soaking in warm soapy water for 10 minutes and ready to reapply.

6. APPLY, REMOVE, REUSE. We had a customer post wearing a set of nails a year later last week. She hadn’t worn them for a year straight but if you have a set of nails you only wish to wear on occasions, if looked after your nails will last you. 

Apply & Remove



  • From your box pick the right nails that fit you and lay out in front of you. (Be sure to pay attention to your fingernail beds) 
  • Remove any left over polish from your nails and gently push back your cuticles.
  • If you feel you have slightly oily nails you can buff the surface just to give that extra hold.
  • Use rubbing alcohol to remove any excess oil from the nails.


  • If applying glue we advise to apply to the back of the nails and your own nail. 
  • If using gel tabs we advise to apply the tab to your nail. Be sure no gaps are left between your nail and the tab. Rub the tab round evenly to ensure the tab is fully adhered. We also advise a tab slightly smaller than your actual nail (this will remove all gaps and ensure the nails hold longer)

How well nails hold is all down to how well you prep your own nails. Some customers will say they have nails on for a week at a time, these customers do not have special nails they simply prep before application.




  • Soak your nails in warm water for around 2 – 3 minutes. WARNING ! Please do not soak your nails in nail varnish remover, as this will remove any design on the actual nails.
  • Carefully use your fingertip or a spare nail you are not using to gently lift the sides of the nails, please do not force this, if the nails are still on strong just soak them for another 2 – 3 minutes.
  • If you have applied using gel tabs these will easily peel off the back of the nail and the nails will be ready for the next use. If you have used glue we advise you to scrape off any excess glue whilst it is soft having been soaked in water.
  • Store your nails back in your DOOBYS NAILS box ready for next time.


Just for a post on the gram or the first night out in what seems a decade. 

Join thousands of women across the world who rock Doobys Nails