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Lava Lamp Nails Are the Latest Internet Obsession.

 The 70’s are back in the bubblies form yet. Which shape of lamp are you after?

Lava Lamp Nails

Instagram has provided us some very out there variations of nails over 2019 so far but the lava lamp has to be one of the most standout styles yet.

Jelly nails have been a hugely popular style this year and the lava lamp nails bring a combination of chrome and jelly all into one, when you cannot choose why not have both. We start with our jelly polish as a base across the whole nails for the lamps, then we selected a soft neon to add in our bubbles. Followed by a simple silver chrome polish for our lamp stand and base. 

So which shape is best for this style ? We decided our Long Almond shape would be the closest fit as they are the most similar to a lava lamp. But who are we to choose what shape your lamps will be. We have created the option to have your lava lamp nails in all 21 shapes. Our team are ready to create them in any shape you desire. When writing this blog we originally thought this particular style of nails would have to be similar to the shape of the original lamp, but whilst creating the blog to we thought the short oval would be a super cute set of lava lamps so we have made those too and oh my god look at those Short Ovals! 

Only one thing left to decide is are you here for original Long Almond shape or the little cuties.

Click here to view our current Lava Lamp range and thank you Liam Peter Nails of Instagram for coming through with this fresh trend ready for Summer 2019.