Using Your Nails

Why Choose Doobys Nails?

We are hand made which makes all of our products individually unique to us. 99% of the colours we use are personally hand mixed to get the right shade. We have over 100 shades available in store, which come in around 10 different shapes of each shade and countless alterations so these nails will definitely stand out from the rest.

How do I know if your nails will fit my fingers?

Majority of the sets we have available in store are in sets of 24. This includes 10 different sizes for each hand (see information on listing as to how many nails are in a set). Once you receive the nails line them up to your actual nail and wear the ones that fit best. I send out my nails in sets of 24. If you are concerned you have slightly larger or slightly smaller hands than normal click the description link on the product page and it will inform you of the size of the actual nails.

How do I measure my nails?

Some of our more intricate nail sets will only be available in 10’s, or some will require you to choose a specific size ring finger. The way to measure your nails to see if you are a Small, Medium or Large is to get a tape measure and run over the widest part of your finger nail. Majority of hands will be between 18mm (the thumb) to 5mm (the pinky) This is the actual width of the finger nails themselves. Make a note of your dimensions and select from Small Medium and Large depending on the nail size.

Do the sets come with glue?

I am afraid we do not supply glue with our nails but we do have nail tabs available to order in store. We recommend nail tabs for a day / night use, if you wish to wear any longer we advise nail glue. (See Q4)

What glue do you recommend?

I do not supply glue with my nails purely for the fact we recommend a high quality beauty store glue that will compliment the nails and the time taken that has been put into each set. We advise KISS products or Elegant Touch from any local beauty store as they are not too strong on your nails so they don’t damage when you remove them offer you an ultra strong bond. We also have two kinds of nail tabs available in store.

How do I remove my nails?

We advise to soak the nails in warm to hot water to allow the glue to soften. Once you feel the nails become loose you can prise along the side of the nail using another false nail to slowly lift of your natural nails.

Orders & Returns

Payment Methods

We accept payment via Paypal, Credit / Debit card and Gift Cards.

Processing Times

So you have placed your order (and you are super excited to try out your set of DOOBYS NAILS)
, so how long will it take to get your order ? All our items in our store are hand made from scratch, at the moment due to how busy we are we currently ask for around 2-4 working days to receive an order, write up and get it in the post on the way to you. (Wholesale duration will differ depending on the size of the order)

Shipping Information

Where do we ship to?

We ship worldwide. Our shipping is done through Standard Airmail and we offer the following options on checkout:


  • Standard Royal Mail (ships within 5 working days) Postage duration is second class large letter or package 2-4 working days.
  • Tracked* Royal Mail (ships within 5 working days) Postage duration is second class large letter or package 2-4 working days.


  • Standard Airmail (ships within 5 working days) Postage duration globally is 5-10 working days.
  • Tracked* (ships within 5 working days) Postage duration globally is 5-10 working days but we will attach a tracking number to the order. *

*Although international customers typically receive their orders within 5 to 10 business days some orders have taken as long as 20 BUSINESS DAYS.

*If you selected the extra optional tracking postage on checkout, this number will be in the ‘order Complete’ email we send once we dispatch the package, along with the link for you to track. Tracking numbers for international packages are provided, however, depending on your location sometimes the tracking information provided by the Royal Mail will not fully update until the package has left the country. Longer delays can be expected due to import processes and country’s customs.

We kindly ask that all international customers wait at least 20 BUSINESS DAYS before contacting us regarding a missing package.

Free Shipping

We offer free shipping on all UK orders over £50 and worldwide orders over £65

Returns & Exchanges

We are happy to accept a return for any item that is unused. We have a returns address on the back of all packages (or please see below) if you can post them back to us we can refund on arrival. Please note we do not refund for the initial shipping costs.

Mail Returns To

Attn: Returns
25 Kingshurst rd



B90 2QP

United Kingdom


We are not responsible for return packages lost or damaged in transit! Please ensure you package your return items carefully.

Gift Cards

We now offer Gift cards that can be used towards the sets or postage and are available to use anywhere in the world.

Using Your Gift Card

We will send you information on how to use your gift card. But it will work by adding your unique code on checkout and the total on the card will be deducted from your balance on the card.

Check Your Gift Card Balance

You can email us and we will let you know the balance on your card. info@doobysnails.com

Wholesale Orders / Resellers

Please see our BECOME A RETAILER page available to find from the home page at the top right.