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FREE Gel Tabs tabs today!

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Delivery Times & Prices?

Sets titled ‘RTS’ (Ready to Ship) Will be posted within 24 hours and arrive within 2-3 working days.
  • UK Standard 4-6 days £2.99
  • UK Tracked 4-6 days £5.99
  • WORLDWIDE Standard 5-12 days £5.99
  • WORLDWIDE Tracked 5-12 days £10.99

Customs may delay some worldwide deliveries up to 20 working days.


How do I apply and remove my Doobys Nails?

Please click here to be taken to our HOW TO page to get all the information needed for how to apply your Doobys Nails to get the best use out of them

How long do the nails last?

How well your false nails stay on is all down to the quality of adhesive used with the nails. We do not supply glue with our items as we know all customers are different and want their nails for different occasions. If you intend to wear your nails for a week or more, we advise a good quality beauty store glue (CND GELBOND) and prepping your nails well beforehand. I do this and keep my press ons on for well over a week. If you are just looking to wear your nails for a day / night event we recommend gel or nail tabs we have available in store. These are fantastic as they hold really well and can easily be soaked off and removed at the end of the day

Gel tabs or glue?

Our Gel / Nail tabs are designed for those who want to wear the nails just for an evening / day out. They have a fantastic hold as you will see in many of our Instagram videos and can easily be removed by soaking in warm soapy water at the end of the day. The difference between the gel and the nail tabs is the gel is a slightly thicker pad but with a much stronger hold, the nail tabs are a form of double-sided tape. So mainly personal preference. If you are looking to wear the nails for a longer period say a week or more, we advise a good quality nail glue as it will have a much stronger hold. The best glue we personally know to recommend is CND NAIL GLUE or KISS GLUE.

Do you have a discount code?

We only have coupon codes for wholesale clients who order over £350. Our team work very hard hand making all our nails and we charge what is in respective to the time and quality of the products used for your order. We can offer discount of bulk orders as it means one of our nail technicians can focus on one large order over a week and cut down on admin time

How do I know if your nails will fit my fingers?

Our sets will come as a 20 / 24 depending on the shape. This includes 10 different sizes for each hand (see information on listing as to how many nails are in a set). Once you receive the nails line them up to your actual nail and wear the ones that fit best. I send out my nails in sets of 24. If you are concerned you have slightly larger or slightly smaller hands than normal click here to view our Size Guide page

How do I measure my nails?

Some of our more intricate nail sets will only be available in 10’s, or some will require you to choose a specific size ring finger. The way to measure your nails to see if you are a Small, Medium or Large is to get a tape measure and run over the widest part of your fingernail. Majority of hands will be between 18mm (the thumb) to 5mm (the pinky) This is the actual width of the finger nails themselves. Make a note of your dimensions and select from Small Medium and Large depending on the nail size

Can I reuse the nails?

So, you have worn your nails with glue and want to know how you can get your next wear out of them? After you have soaked your nails in warm water the glue on the back will be soft enough to scrape off ready for the next application (if used gel tabs they will peel off no problem ready to reuse)

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we currently ship worldwide

Do the sets come with glue?

I am afraid we do not supply glue with our nails, but we do have nail tabs available to order in store. We recommend nail tabs for a day / night use, if you wish to wear any longer, we advise nail glue