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Store Update April 2020

Hi All, we are letting you know we are still here, getting your orders out and keeping your nails looking glam for you. Doobys Nails started as hobby from home, this week we have resorted back to the beginning of time and all of our technicians have taken all equipment home to get your orders complete for you.  We are partnered with ROYAL MAIL as our delivery provider. We are checking delivery duration’s every day as of current nothing has changed for UK & GLOBAL orders. They have informed us

Customer Photos 2019

The Doobys Team would like to thank every single customer we had in 2019. Starting Doobys Nails as a part time hobby along side a day job we have now grown to become a global brand supplying people all over the world with unique hand painted glue on nails. We wanted to share some images we collected over 2019 and we aim to do a post like this as often as possible. We know how important customers find reviews so this page is for you. Thank you so much once

Last Minute Gift ‘Literally’

Wait, Christmas is only how many days away ? Even though we have all year to prepare for Christmas somehow (and nobody knows how) it seems to creep up on us. One minute we are in mid September loving the autumnal shades on the trees and the next thing we know it is Christmas and you haven’t even started the Christmas Shop. Fear Not … Doobys Nails has got you covered. NEW THIS YEAR we have launched our EMAIL gift voucher which means you will not have to worry about

Meet – Super Coffin

We have a new nail shape joining the family and it is our longest nail in store ! So who is Super Coffin and what is it all about ! Our new super coffin set is similar to our Extra Coffin with a much softer smoother edge and less of a c curve. Our Extra Coffin nails have been hugely popular this year and have grown to become one of our most popular shapes, these are a fantastic alternative for those who would like them a little longer and a

It Takes Two

It Takes Two

As you may have noticed we have a new arrival in store this Autumn titled the TOP2 …. So what is it all about ? Whether you are new to false nails or an expert at them this range is perfect for you. As a regular Doobys Nails customer you will see we have specifically chosen our most popular shades in store to combine, if you are new to this TOP2 will be a fantastic starting point to begin your glue on false nail collection, we guarantee you will fall

Groovy Tips!

Lava Lamp Nails Are the Latest Internet Obsession.  The 70’s are back in the bubblies form yet. Which shape of lamp are you after? Instagram has provided us some very out there variations of nails over 2019 so far but the lava lamp has to be one of the most standout styles yet. Jelly nails have been a hugely popular style this year and the lava lamp nails bring a combination of chrome and jelly all into one, when you cannot choose why not have both. We start with our