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26th November Update

Thank you for all orders, we have had to close our BLACK FRIDAY sale early due to selling out of majority of stock, we still have many READY TO SHIP sets in store and on offer. Thank you and stay safe

Black Friday Update!

Hi Everyone, 

We hope you, your friends and families are all well and keeping safe during this challenging time. We would like to create a quick update in regards to BLACK FRIDAY, we would like to update:

* Prices we have in store today (4th November) are FIXED and WILL NOT DROP ANY FURTHER as we know how annoying it can be to order something and see the price drop a week later. So we guarantee NO PRICES in our store will not change in the next 6 weeks. 

* Please be aware PRICES MAY GO UP sets we currently have on sale are in stock in the salon ready to ship, once this stock has sold out items will resume to full price so we cannot promise prices on offer today will be on offer tomorrow.

Thank you again for visiting our store and we appreciate all orders, stay safe and take care. Doobys Team <3