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Who is Doobys? Most Importantly why are we called Doobys ?


Doobys Nails began making false nails in 2014 and we haven’t stopped making them since. Initially starting as a small hobby out of work hours, Doobys Nails has now grown beyond expectations. It has now become my full-time commitment, but we would not be as productive as we are without the huge fantastic team around us that help to paint, file, box, package and post every single order by hand. Over the last 2 years we have dramatically increased our team to help us keep up with demand and we absolutely love it. Every day and customer is completely different in their own way, our aim is to keep up the good work and keep your nails looking flawless. 

What is our mission ? When we started out 5 years ago falsies where not as diverse as they are today. When we began we had one shape, short square. Which we would hand cut into stiletto, so we had 2 shapes. We now have over 20 shapes in store all manufactured for us. We know how fussy we all can be in regards to everything in life, I want these trousers in this exact colour but slightly shorter, I like the pattern of this top but would like longer sleeves, or one of our colleagues has stated she would love her favourite cake 5 times the size lol. Everyone wants their nails completely different and that is what we are here for. We have the shortest of the short nails (short round) to the very very long nails (Extra Coffin & Super Stiletto) We still have customers ask us if we can make them any longer, give us time. We have 20 shapes, 35 base colours in gloss and matte, 38 holographic shades, not to mention the heat change nails. So that is 2,000 styles to begin with just on plain nails. We currently have over 7,000 sets in store so you will no longer have to make do with a set of falsies you are not 100% happy with.


Our products are hand made from scratch which means you will not get them anywhere else. We choose the shapes, colours and finish for every single set. We know manufactured false nails can be purchased from a store at a fraction of the price, but will they look a fraction as good or natural as hand painted nails? Including the 20 shapes we currently have on offer, ranging from the shortest we have being the short round nails which are fantastic for day to day wearing, right up to the Extra Coffin range (which some people do rock day to day) which look so amazing people will struggle to believe they are press on nails. Trust me I wear them every weekend I know.
We use a wide variety of products, nail polish, gel, shellac to begin with … not to mention the number of gems and jewels we have in store, so our possibilities are endless. Some of the colours we use for our plain sets are custom made for us meaning they will not be available anywhere else. That is how we know you will not get our nails anywhere else.


We ship worldwide to over 77 different countries and we are always looking for new locations for our nails to be worn! Don’t have the time to sit in a salon this weekend, let alone get to and from the salon to begin with, all of our nails can be ordered online and delivered straight to your door. They can be applied with ease in the comfort of your own home. Have your nail set ready for that big night out you have waited all week for, why not apply a set of DOOBYS NAILS whilst waiting for your bestie to try on her 28th outfit choice of the evening.


Our nails can be used again and again. We cannot state exactly how many times as some customers wear our nails for a day, some for a week and some for a few weeks at a time. So, it would be wrong of us to say you can wear them a certain amount of times if we do not know how long you wear at a time. Our team love to wear our nails and they will have them on for the whole week and usually get around 6 – 8 weeks wear from them. We have a customer who only wears hers on special occasions and hers are over a year old.


As much as we would love to have acrylics 24-7 nails need to breathe to keep them happy and healthy. We have so many customers who love their acrylics but now and then need a break from them to give their nails a chance to recover. These area fantastic alternative, if you are worried about nail glue on your nails, we advise you to apply a clear coat of polish beforehand, this way any form of adhesive will apply to the topcoat of polish and not your actual nails. The friendliest option is our gel tabs, which will not affect your nails at all and will simply peel off after wearing. These are available on checkout.


So you have your besties wedding the weekend, you survived the hen, have arranged all 12 bridesmaids dresses, managed to eventually find a pair of shoes that everyone is happy with (Everyone) now it’s the nails, some of them are nail biters, some must have long nails, some are not the best at painting nails, some have never worn nail polish in their life (it does happen) What if you could order 5 sets of nails for all of them, exactly the same shade in any of our 18 shapes so they are happy.
Saturday Night Out?
So you ordered that dress online as you got 20% off(how could you not), you have those comfy shoes you wear every Saturday night, your last mission is to go to the beauty store in town to get a set of nails ? Or shall I order some online and watch another episode of that series you are into on Netflix? Rhetorical question surely.
Do you need a reason to treat yourself? Nope … just love yourself
We all know you can be wearing those super comfy PJ’s with holes in and having your nails makes you feel a million dollars (kind of like a tan, it’s a finishing touch) After a long hard week at work all you want is some nice looking nails for a cheeky catch up with the girls, work won’t allow you to have acrylics and we all know the struggle it is to not only paint your nails, allow them to dry but to then not forget to remove the nail varnish before Monday morning (we have all been there on a Monday morning removing nail polish in a rush). You do not want to head to the beauty store to look at all the falsies in the shop. Well why not sit on your sofa with a cup of tea and cookies and have them posted from us to you. What better way to get your nails done?



We have all been mesmerized by the holographic videos on social media watching the holo sparkle repeatedly. We have a huge range of holo’s in store. Some of our Holo sets are linear which gives the rainbow effect in a line across the nails and some are spaced holo whereby the glitter particles are finely spaced out to add a delicate range of rainbow sparkle.


Who knew we would be inspired by our kitchen worktops … Marble nails have been one of the biggest inspirations for false nails over the last few years and how can they not be they are stunning? We have a huge range of marble nails including our popular Luca range, which is a marble nail with gold accents for that extra sophisticated look.


Baby Boomer / Ombre … Our ombre nails blend two colours together creating an elegant seamless, gradient effect. We go from having a natural and nude ombre for a fantastic natural look, ranging all the way up to a neon yellow and bright pink ombre ready for a rave. These sets are hugely popular for weddings but will pretty much fit any occasion.

Heat Change

Sorcery, magic? What are these nails all about. Sadly no magic is involved although it is very fascinating to see. Our heat changes nails are heat sensitive and will change from one colour to another when slightly warmer. Once they go back to room temperature they will be back to the original colour ready to go again. So impress your friends or just be mesmerised with these magic nails.


Our sets are fully equipped with enough nails to fit both your hands (we also have toes in store so get your toes on too) Whether you have larger hands or the smaller narrower nails our false nails are ready to fit everyone. Our customers range from Men to younger adults, the same box will fit the same customer. How is this ? We send out 20 – 24 nails in each pack each nail will differ by around 1mm, so you have 10 sizes to choose from for each hand to get that perfect fit, people with larger hands will use the larger nails and the smaller nails for smaller hands.
After 5 years of Doobys Nails being in business we do understand some people worry they have slightly larger/ smaller hands. Here at Doobys we cater for everyone. We have a page that will inform you of every single shape we have in store and the width of every single nail in the set so you won’t have that worry of “will they fit”.
So now you no longer have the worry of “will they fit”. Click here to view our full range of shapes available. We currently have over 20 shapes and we will always be bringing you more.

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