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Over 50,000 customers so far

Thank you to all our customers who have chosen to support our small business and rock Doobys Nails over the last 9 years.

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Do you currently have a glue on nail business and would love to reach more customers. We currently have artists all over the world helping us to create thousands of sets for our store. If you would love to work with us please CLICK HERE to find out how to get your nails in our store.

Who is Doobys Nails?

Doobys Nails began making false nails in 2014 and we haven’t stopped making them since. Initially starting as a small hobby for one girl out of work hours selling a few sets a week on Ebay, Doobys Nails has now grown beyond expectations dispatching hundreds of orders weekly across the world. But we would not be as productive as we are without the huge fantastic team around us that help to paint, file, box, package and post every single order by hand.

Feeling glam should not be a chore when I noticed my friend cutting and reshaping a set of glue on nails I realised we need more choice nobody has the time for this, so why not choose from 23 shapes, have them delivered to your door and apply them in the comfort of your own home. We currently have over 4,000 sets in store so you will no longer have to make do with a set of falsies you are not 100% happy with.