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How to use your nails ...

Step 1   To prepare your nails first clean them if needed. Nails can also be buffed and filed down.



Step 2    Nails are in size order 0 being largest to 9 the smallest. Align nails against finger to select the sizes that suit your nails.



Step 3     Once you have the 10 nails that fit your fingers apply the glue. Glue can either be applied direct to your nail’s or to the plastic nails. Whatever is easier for you.



Step 4     Press the selected nail onto the nail bed and depending on nail glue hold for the required time. Usually between 10 – 30 seconds.



Step 5     If wanted you can file and reshape your nails to suit you.

How To Apply

How To Remove

CAUTION: To remove and reuse your Doobys Nails, we do not recommend soaking them in nail polish remover (acetone or non-acetone). As this can damage the nails and may become unusable.


Step 1    Soak your fingers in warm water (The warmer the better but water must not be too hot) for around 2 – 3 minutes until you feel the nails become loose.


Step 2   Using your finger tip or nail out the set not used, slide under the finger nail to loosen and remove the nails.




As long as you take care of your nails you will be able to use them over and over

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