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These are all questions I get frequently asked me via Etsy, Ebay & Facebook. If you have any others feel free to drop me an email I am very efficient with replies business email is linked to my phone – hcedwards@live.co.uk




Q- Can I have a certain design of a nail on a different shape?

A - All nails are hand made from scratch, I often get for example make up artists email to ask if they can have the coffin shape as apposed to stiletto, or moms with little ones to have the shorter square instead of stiletto. Just drop me an email after purchase to state the shapes you want them in thats fine. hcedwards@live.co.uk



Q – How do I know if your nails will fit my fingers?

A – Majority of the sets we have available in store are in sets of 20/24. So once you receive the nails you line them up to your actual nail and wear the ones that fit best. I send out my nails in sets of 24, similar to sets you purchase from any beauty store. If you are concerned you have slightly larger or slightly smaller hands than normal click the link below to take you to the exact sizes of my different nail shapes.


Q – How do measure my nails?

A – Some of our nail sets will only be available in 10's, or some will require you to choose a specific size ring finger. The way to measure your nails to see if you are a Small, Medium or Large is to get a tape measure and run over the widest part of your finger nail. Majority of hands will be between 18mm (the thumb) to 5mm (the pinky) This is the actual width of the nails themselves. Make a note of your dimensions and select from Small Medium and Large depending on the nail size.


Q – How long do your nails last?

A – My plain nails are painted with either acrylic or a special gel paint that is designed to last a long time and my hand painted false nails are painted with 2 top coats of Sally Hansen hardware clear nail polish. Many of my existing customers tell me they wear my nails, take them off, re file and wear them again.


Q – What about nail glue?

A – I do not supply glue with my nails purely for the fact I recommend a high quality beauty store glue KISS products or Elegant Touch from Superdrug its not too strong on your nails so they don’t damage when you remove them and keeps them on for a long time. We also have two kinds of nail tabs available in store.


Q- Can you change the shape or color of my nails?

A – All my nails are customizable; if you see a design you want on stiletto nails but are after on a different shape that is fine. Just drop me an email hcedwards@live.co.uk  and I will be happy to customize. It may take me an extra day or so to make them but I am more than happy to cooperate with nail shape change. The only thing that cannot be changed is adding extra 3D items to an order as this will make them more expensive.




Q- How long will my nails take to arrive?

A – A lot of my nails I tend to make in groups of 5 to keep ahead of orders. I will not always be ahead as over Christmas and festive seasons I get very busy. I aim to have nails made up within 48 hours I do this for a living so have the time to do this. But this is a form of art and I would never rush my work as my OCD wouldn’t allow me. During majorly busy periods I have friends which help me to package and post nails but I will always paint them myself and they will be the same as the photos’.


Q- Where do you deliver to?

A – I post to all over the world. My most popular customers are UK, UAE, USA, AUSTRALIA, POLAND, IRELAND, SPAIN, FRANCE, but I will post to anywhere for the same price.


Q – Do you have a catalog or other designs?

A – I currently don’t have a catalog but I do have most of my designs on here. I have a Facebook and an Instagram which I upload photos of very set of nails I make. I am uploadign and creating new nail ideas every week so a catalogue would never keep up with our store.