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My name is Hayley from Birmingham UK,  most of you will know me through Etsy or Ebay with all of my nail designs. If you don’t I am a self taught nail artist. I actually studied Accoutancy and Business in college so no idea how I got here. All my nail ideas are my own other than when customers send me requests asking for a specific design but even then most of it is off the top of my head. I sometimes just start painting ideas and struggle to stop.



I have previously traded on Etsy & Ebay for the last 12 months. This was just a hobby I was advised by a friend to put a few sets on Ebay to see if people purchase them and 12 months later this is now my life that I happily do every day and on weekends when I can which I am happy too. I have currently around 2,100 existing customers who have purchased my nails (As of August 2014) To which I am more than grateful because without them I wouldnt have my own store today. Some are very regular that I talk to often talk to through my Facebook page and they often tell me off as I make them spend too much of their money on all my lovely designs lol.



I am happy to make custom orders – (Just drop me an email on the contact me page) I have my business emails linked to my phone so I am pretty much available to talk to 99% of the time unless I am in Nando’s lol (huge foodie fan) I try to get all custom orders made up within a week unless they require 3D items I don’t have and need to order in which can be around 2 weeks but I can keep you up to date that is no problem.

I put in a lot of care and patience with my nails I actually have slight OCD to check everything is perfect, they are hand painted nails but I do my best to ensure they are as neat as possible (as you can see in my photo’s).

Please please if you do order tag me on Instagram - Doobys Nails or drop me a photo on FB i love it :)


Any other questions feel free to drop me a message other than that have fun in my shop and enjoy your day.



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